Over 50 Flavors of Made From Scratch Gourmet Popcorn...

popped right here in our kitchen at Popcorn Premiere in Midland. More than 100 flavors of bulk candy by the pound!

Fresh From Scratch Recipes!

Fresh From Scratch Recipes!

The word is out! That's why you are here right? Welcome to Popcorn Premiere! Midland TX first showing of a popcorn store! Kernel (Paul) Sanders and the children of the corn are so excited for you to stop by and see us!

Whats this store about? POPCORN! Lots and lots of gourmet popcorn! Fried Pickle, Extra Cheesy, Caramel, S'mores, Puppy Chow, Sriracha Popcorn.... There are over 50 flavors of popcorn at Popcorn Premiere!

Ok so we aren't just about popcorn! Your gonna find CANDY! Lots and lots of CANDY! Nostalgic Candy that is hard to find and we take requests too! We have bulk candy you can put all in one bag, there's boxed candy, if you prefer you can have prepackaged candy too! Rock Candy, Gumballs, Jawbreakers, Sour Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Saltwater Taffy too (18 flavors but who's counting?)

Oh wait! You wanted Soda? We have a stock of old fashioned soda and specialty soda's that you won't believe! We carry every flavor of Dublin! You can find Hank's, Jones, Fireman's Brew, Flying Cauldron, IBC, Frostie, the list is growing daily! We had no idea people liked soda so much! You can buy it in a 4 pack or you can buy one ice cold out of our freezer and drink it right now!

Bring the kids for a popcorn tasting! Wait... what? YES! You get to sample the popcorn! We love seeing your responses! No.. we don't mind sampling the popcorn! In fact, it's our favorite part of the job! So don't be shy! Tell us you WANT MORE POPCORN!

Over 25 flavors of Old Fashioned Glass Bottle Sodas!

Over 25 flavors of Old Fashioned Glass Bottle Sodas!

  • Popcorn Premiere
    In the old Town & Country shopping center in front of Town and Country Barber shop next to Furr's Cafeteria

    1000 North Midkiff Road, Suite 5
    Midland, TX 79701


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    Phone: (432) 699-2124

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